Example content image - aligned to the rightWelcome to VERA'S ORIGINALS. I specialize in glass jewelry featuring hand made beads from the Czech Republic. Recently, I added hand-tooled metal jewelry, as well as enamaled pieces.  I typically make only one or two pieces of each design, but if you see something you like drop me a line using the contact form on your left. The bulk of my work is  being sold mainly at various craft fairs in Arizona (see "News").


When I was growing up in Prague (then Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic), one of the afternoon pastimes for neighborhood kids was to play outside with marbles. All of us had two kinds: marbles we were willing to get dirty and scratched, and special glass marbles of marvelous hues and patterns that were strictly for trade.

Our homes invariably contained a glassed-in buffet full of beautiful vases, glasses, and other objects made of intricately cut glass, hand-painted china, and blown glass figurines as well as other glass objects. In other words, awareness and active enjoyment of Czech glassmaking tradition was part of growing up Czech.


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This love of glass objects and pride in Czech artistry and artisanship stayed with me after I came to the US, and are the two pillars of my jewelry design today. In a small way, I am trying to share the art of Czech glass through jewelry featuring individually hand-made glass beads, created one-by-one over the flame of a propane lamp in tiny workshops in northern Bohemia.

My customers at various craft fairs have asked me if I could make website so they could reach me during the off-season.

So, welcome to my website. It does not contain a shopping cart. To discuss an order, please contact me by email using the form at this link. The jewelry pictured here are only samples, mostly no longer available.  I do not repeat my designs and the beads change, as well.  If you saw a piece of mine that you liked at a recent art show, please email me and let's see if it is still available.